Today marked the first day of Catechesis. We were patiently waiting for it to start when the band started practising by playing death metal. The crowd was somewhat relieved when the instruments were handed over to the actual band who played normal praise and worship music(but at the same time disappointed at not experiencing Jesus death metal sing alongs).


We were blessed to have Cardinal Dolan present a talk on – Now is the time of God’s Mercy
He talked about how we delay many things especially God’s invitations, but as St Augustine said – We’ll always have God’s mercy but we might not have tomorrow. Cardinal Dolan said World Youth Days are an excellent time to make decisions where we are surrounded by many like-minded people.


After Catechesis we all split up to do different things. I climbed the bell tower in Old town of Krakow.


After that we got on a tram to get an early seat at the Matt Maher, Audrey Assad and Bishop Robert Barron concert.
Since Getting to Poland I had been wanting to get to a board game shop to buy the Polish board game ‘Queue’. As we had 2.5 hours before the concert, I talked Gerard into coming for a short walk to a board game shop. Unfortunatley they didn’t have any copies of the game, even more unfortunately we got back with an hour to spare but none of the 2000 people outside Tauron Stadium were being allowed into the concert.


We decided to head into Old Town and found some Polish girls were going to listen to the Pope addressing the crowd from his window. We got into the crowd but were unfortunately too far away to see His Holiness.


After that we decided to check out a video game themed pub.