Yesterday was a teary affair as we waived goodbye to our Polish host families and left for Krakow. Once we arrived in Krakow we had some free time to settle in before celebrating Mass in the foyer of Level 7. The accommodation is quite good however 1 toilet and 1 shower are shared between 9 people – but seems to be ok for us boys.


Today we traveled to Tauron Stadium for the Australian World Youth Day Gathering. Unfortunately our tram collided with a car with 3kms left. Thankfully no-one was injured.

The Australian gathering was full of energy, great talks and relics of 5 Polish saints. We were reminded(in the words of Pope  Benedict) The world offers comfort but we were not made for comfort, we were made for greatness.

You can watch the whole gathering online at

We stuck out on the big screen in our white shirts(a little too much for my liking).

They made an exciting announcement that 2018 will be the Year of Youth in Australia(10 years on from World Youth Day Sydney).


This afternoon was the official Opening Mass – the first time all pilgrims gathered together. The crowd was massive yet manged well by the organisers. We even had a sniper tower near us looking out for our safety.

2 hours before Mass it started to rain but the sun came back out for the Mass. We also ran into Patrice. Her Sydney group is staying in our building as are the Qld Vinnies group.