We were fortunate to have been in Zdziesowice for their big annual feast and pilgrimage walk – for St Anne.  They have a sight just out of town called Mt Anne. We took part in the pilgrimage walk through the forrest, which took about 2 hours, before reaching the grotto site for Mass with about 5 thousand people.

We were joined by 33 other counties, most of whom were also on their way to WYD. But is is generally popular with the locals and some neighboring countries. Jared was a part of the official program reading all the English translations. 

Afterward all pilgrims from across the Opole Diocese travelled to converge for a Eucharistic concert 

This was a taste of what is to come for WYD week.  The energy and vibe was amazing with lots of singing and dancing.  There ain’t no party like a Catholic party! But no Catholic event is complete without the Eucharist, and we had Adoration with the thousands there to finish the evening.

It was a huge day and we’re excited but weary.