Today we headed to Nysa. It is an old city and has not been maintained to the standard of Warsaw or Krakow. We found out from our host family tonight that it is in an area that has often been taken over by other countries, mainly Germany, so had been a feeling that they could lose it again so hadn’t worried about putting money for repair into it like other centres. Also after the war bricks were in short supply so ones from damaged buildings in Nysa were taken to rebuild Warsaw. 

We visited the Sisters of St Elizabeth where we celebrated Mass in their chapel – small but stunning

The point to take home from Mass “My soul is thirsting for you O Lord my God”(I remembered Fr Leo!).  The sisters showed us the story of Blessed Maria Merkert leader of their order and the work she did with the poor and sick.
We visited St Mary’s Basilica where the remains of Blessed Maria are kept.   We then went past the Church of Sts Peter and Paul. This church had a lot of hidden meaning and unusual things. From the Cross on the ceiling that appeared to move with you as you walked around so was always facing your direction, to the tomb of Christ replica  (size and shape and one of only 3 in Europe) to the Chapels that were linked by murals signifying the death of Man (Adam and Eve) to the death of Christ that restored us. The afternoon finished with a visit to the old Palace which is now owned and fully restored by the Diocese of Opole. You can stay here for $65 AUD per night.

Today was tough though.  Everyone was a bit physically and mentally drained, one of our pilgrim’s brothers is critically ill back home, it is quite hot and we were on the move all day. In these tough times we must remember the psalm from Mass mentioned earlier”My soul is thirsting for you O Lord my God”. Our sole purpose on earth is to make our way to God, our deepest longing, and nothing else will satisfy that. And what better way for us to do that here than in Adoration to end our day.