Last night we arrived at Zdzieszowice, where we will spend 5 nights with a host family. Zdzieszowice is a town of about 18 000 and relies heavily on it’s steel plant for most jobs.

The people here are great, the church is lively and there is a huge youth presence there. I’ve been told there are 100 young men who assist at Mass and therefore no other lay people are required.

The Polish are known for the great hospitality they provide and we have all seen it since staying with our host family. Among other things, I was treated to great Polish food, beer and Vodka. Why have I not heard of Polish vodka before!

Today we met up with the community at Mass and then walked to the other Church – The Church of St Padre Pio. This recently constructed Church contains a piece of cloth from the bleeding stigmata hands of St Pio. Our Polish priest also told us a story that St Pio told John Paul II that he would one day be Pope but JP2 didn’t believe him.


Next it was off to the Winnie the Pooh park for lunch. Winnie is quite popular over here as are scooby-do and the smurfs.


The we went to Zdzieszowice’s pride and joy the steel factory.

From what I could understand, the factory imports raw coal and then turns it into coal ready to be used in power stations. It is the biggest factory of it’s kind in Poland. It imports coal from Australia and elsewhere with Gladstone one of the Ports the product is exported from.


At nighttime we went to the Parish grounds for a World Youth Day celebration. It was an opportunity for us to meet more parishioners. There was much singing, dancing and great food. We tried to teach the kids touch football but I don’t think it sunk in.