Today Jared, Shaun and I climbed the mountain near our residence. There are 42 chapels littered around the complex, we only walked past 5 in our hike.


Later on we drove to Wadowice, the birthplace of St John Paul II. It’s a town of 20 000 people, yet has a church more exquisite than most in Australia. Conveniently JP2 grew up in the house next door which is now a museum dedicated to him. After we finished we were entertained by some African pilgrims – yep this is starting to feel like a World Youth Day.



Next it was off to the Shrine of Divine Mercy. Admittedly if I had read more than 5 pages of my St Faustina book, I would have enjoyed this a lot more. But it was still a very peaceful place to be. We spent some time there in prayer and reflection.


We finished the night off with a trip to Old Town, Krakow. The idea being to enjoy Krakow before 1 million other pilgrims invade the city, and enjoy we did. All of Krakow must have been asking – Who are these singing and dancing Australians? The group has really bonded today and it makes for a very enjoyable and exciting 2 weeks, but hopefully no more dancing to George Michael…


This ends the first phase of our trip. From Czestochowa, the spiritual heart of Poland to the death and despair of Auschwitz, a continual theme that sticks out is the Polish determination and stubbornness continually displayed through their saints.