We started out this morning with prayer at Victory Square. A large cross stands there to mark the visit of John Paul II. This is where we also introduced our own ‘Black Madonna’ as our pilgrimage icon. An image of the indigenous Our Lady and Child from the Darwin Cathedral.

    We were then taken on a guided tour of Warsaw which ended at the Uprising Museum. Warsaw has been a city marked by conflict and war and the museum shows a lot of this history.  It shows though how the Polish people have been, and still are, a very determined and proud people to get back their country and rebuild it from the ground up in some cases. 

    After an afternoon driving we ended up at Czestochowa and visited the Jasna Gora shrine, the home of the Black Madonna. This famous pilgrimage site shows the deep faith the people here have by way of the ornate and majestic buildings. We were very privileged to be able to share Mass together in one of the beautiful chapels.

    A short walk to our accommodation at the pilgrim house where we were welcomed by the lovely sisters and provided dinner.
    In the evening we went back to the shrine to sing Our Lady to sleep with the locals.  This happens every night and is televised across the country. Hundreds of people were crammed into the small area and sang beautifully and prayed together to end the night.